7 Smart Strategies for Staying Motivated



The question I’m asked the most often is how I stay motivated everyday. It’s not something that happens overnight and it definitely took a lot of hard work to feel this inspired. I’m a firm believer in setting yourself up for success, planning things ahead of time, and completely surrounding yourself with the things that inspire you. Here are some smart strategies to adopt if you’re having trouble staying motivated to reach your fitness goals:

1) GO ALL IN. Make a promise to yourself that you are ready to start working toward your goals and that you are committed to giving it 100% every single day, no matter what. Once you make that pledge, the momentum from taking that first step will really motivate you to keep going. It’s also a good idea to write out a list of your goals and post it in a place where you’ll see it frequently (or somewhere on your phone if that’s more convenient). Thinking about your goals will be a reminder of what you promised yourself and how excited you should be to reach them!

2) Play music all day, every day. Having upbeat, feel-good music can be the difference between dragging myself out of bed and dancing around my room moments after waking up. I play music pretty much from the minute I wake up to right before I’m ready to fall asleep. There’s something about listening to music that just gets my mind energized and my body moving. Playing music that gets you pumped is also CRUCIAL during your workouts – it could be what pushes you to finish those seemingly impossible last few reps. It will also help set a fast pace for your workout and keep you feeling determined to power through. Check out my Ultimate Workout Playlist for a compilation of my favorite songs that really keep me motivated.

3) Track your progress. There is no better feeling in the world than discovering your hard work is starting to pay off. Keeping track of your progress will allow you to see how close you are to reaching your fitness goals. Also, it will help you stay organized so you know exactly where you’re at in the process and whether or not your program is actually working. I have several ways that I track my progress. I keep a journal where I record my weight, body fat %, and body measurements. I take the measurements whenever I feel like it – roughly twice per month. I also take progress photos on the My Fitness Pal app. This is such an awesome thing to do because you can see a side-by-side view of any two photos from any two dates that you logged a progress photo. It’s absolutely incredible to see the physical changes your body makes over time. Whenever I feel like giving up or being lazy – I always take a scroll through those photos and remember what I’m capable of if I don’t quit!

4) Dress for success. Put on your workout clothes as soon as you wake up. Or bring them in a bag and change in the bathroom at work once your shift is over. If you have a workout to do, you’re MUCH more likely to get it going once you have your gear on. Having workout clothes that you really like can be your inspiration for putting them on in the first place if just the thought of working out isn’t doing it for you . Now you have a really good excuse to go buy some new activewear!

5) Find your fitness role models on social media. There are a TON of inspirational women and men on social media that are really involved in the fitness community. Subscribe to their blogs, watch their Youtube videos, and follow them on Instagram. Keeping up with these people will help you see that they work hard EVERY SINGLE DAY – and remind you to do the same! The content published by the fitness community on social media includes something for everyone, whether you’re looking to become a body builder, wondering the safest way to work out while pregnant, or striving to lose some major weight. I really love the fact that the fitness community is always extremely welcoming and helpful, regardless of your current fitness level or looks. It’s a totally judgement free zone. Also, since we’re all constantly on social media, seeing a video of a badass trainer doing their workout pop up on your feed will remind you to put in the work for that day if you haven’t already. Completely surrounding yourself with the fitness community will ensure that you stay motivated.

6) Design a plan that works for your life. Do you have a stressful job? Working out at night could help dissolve some of that stress you accumulate during your day. Are you an early riser? Working out first thing in the morning will give you a burst of energy you can use to fuel the rest of your day. Whatever your case may be, you’re most likely to stay motivated if your plan is as convenient as possible for your daily life. When your workout easily falls into your schedule, you won’t even think twice about slacking off.

7) Fall in love with the process. The journey you embark on towards reaching your goals is such a beautiful thing. You deserve to discover what your body and mind are truly capable of, and once you do, you’re going to be hooked. However, the process does require a lot of patience, some setbacks, and mistakes. If you can remember that all of these things are necessary and will move you along your journey, you’ll start feeling more inspired and more motivated than ever.

What are the ways you stay motivated? What inspires you every day to never give up? Let me know in a comment below!


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