My Ultimate Workout Playlist

Music is a crucial component of not just my workouts, but my everyday mood. One of my best strategies for staying motivated is to play music whenever possible – preferably something upbeat and fast paced. I find that when I’m playing music – my workload magically feels lighter, my tough workouts seem a little easier, and my busy/overwhelming days just seem a bit more enjoyable.

I’ve cycled through all different genres, the most popular workout songs according to “experts”, and things I’ve heard on the radio. My Spotify playlist below has all the stuff that made the cut – the songs that get me psyched up when they start playing. I can definitely say this specific list of songs undoubtedly contributes to my everyday motivation for GETTING SHIT DONE


DISCLAIMER: I’m definitely not trying to showcase my taste in music with this playlist – if that were the case then we would see a lot of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Wonder. I’m very aware that this list has a bunch of garbage top 40 songs. And yes, I might like most of them. But the main purpose of this playlist is to keep me moving during my workouts and get me in the zone when I need to focus at work. Everything on there is fast-paced and highly energetic.

Leave a comment below with your favorite workout or motivational songs – I’m sure there are plenty I have missed or never heard before. I’ll keep this playlist updated, so be sure to click the “follow” button on Spotify to keep tabs on my latest additions!



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